01. The old man fell asleep on the [bench] in the park.
02. One of the members of the governing party has crossed the floor to the Opposition [benches].
03. The coached [benched] the player for the first period of the game because he had missed too many practices.
04. Sweat fell off the hockey player's nose as he sat on the [bench] waiting for his next shift.
05. The city has put a number of new [benches] at the playground so that parents can sit and watch their children play.
06. Emily Murphy became an Edmonton, Canada, judge in 1916, the first woman appointed to the [bench] in the British Empire.
07. The judge's 25 years on the [bench] were marked by his dedication to the cause of civil rights in this country.
08. My husband has built a beautiful [bench] to sit on in the garden.
09. There was great applause from the government [benches] following the Prime Minister's speech.
10. The players rushed off the [bench] and onto the field to celebrate their victory.
11. She forgot her purse on a park [bench], and when she went back to get it, someone had taken it.
12. We put a [bench] in a shady area of the garden, so we could get out of the sun when we wanted to.
13. I waited on a [bench] in the mall while my wife went shopping.
14. The injured player had to sit on the [bench] and watch the game.
15. The city has put some new [benches] at many of the bus stops for old people to sit on.
16. Napoleon Bonaparte once observed that a throne is only a [bench] covered with velvet.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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